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This catalog lists books which were written by members of the Upper Peninsula Publisher’s & Author’s Association (UPPAA).  Any active member can submit their book data for the catalog at any time.  This includes any book you may have written, regardless of whether it concerns the U.P. or not.

The Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier: To Build a Tunnel


Author: Deborah K. Frontiera

Humans are extinct on Earth. Insects have evolved, but are chemically dependent on Plastic. Roaches hire/enslave ants to build their mine tunnels. The Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier is a series carefully designed so titles can be read in any order. Middle school, highschool age readers find it fascinating along with adults who like fantasy. Intelligent insects mine plastic left by ancient extinct “duo pods” trying to find out why that species became extinct while trying to solve their own problems.

ISBN: 978-1-593461-75-1

Publisher: Jade Enterprises (15th anniversary edition, 2019)

Format: Paperback & Ebook

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Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Deborah K. Frontiera

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