UPPAA Wild bolts electric by adam dompierre.

Wild Bolts Electric

By: Adam Dompierre

A tenacious private eye provokes the wrath of supernatural forces. Can he neutralize the threat before lives are lost?


Suspecting his best days are behind him, Victor Drake runs an out-of-the-way detective agency that provides him with just enough to get by. But when James Chandler comes to him desperately seeking deliverance from a menacing stalker who seems to possess supernatural powers, Drake needs to recapture his mettle to take on the challenge of a lifetime.

Though he initially regards the paranormal elements of the story as preposterous, Drake agrees to the job. A twisting investigation encircles James’ physicist girlfriend Claire Ventura, her mob associate father, and a highly-secretive program with connections to Claire’s university. There, a reluctant source warns Drake to abandon his pursuit or risk provoking the wrath of extraordinary forces.

Overpowered but undaunted, Drake must rally his wits and resilience to discover the secret behind this fearsome adversary. With time and circumstance working against him, can he neutralize the threat before lives are lost?



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Smilodon Sun Publishing

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paperback, eBook

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