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UPPAA Odin's eye by tyler r tichelar.

Odin's Eye: A Marquette Time Travel Novel

By: Tyler Tichelaar

Travel back to Marquette's past and into its future in Tyler R. Tichelaar's new novel Odin's Eye: A Marquette Time Travel Novel. Meet historical people like Peter White and the...

UPPAA The great seney fire by gregory luk.

The Great Seney Fire-A History of the Walsh Ditch Fire of 1976

By: Greg Lusk

The fire began with a lightning strike that started a unique set of events in motion, resulting in the most destructive and costly fire in Michigan since 1908. You will...

UPPAA Oscar's noisy alma by lisa mitchell.

Oscar’s Noisy Dilemma

By: Nikki Mitchell

Birthday parties are supposed to be fun, but for kids like Oscar, they can be pretty overwhelming. Swim along with Oscar as he navigates his first-ever birthday bash with a...

UPPAA The unsolved mysteries of father marguerite's many graves.

The Unsolved Mysteries of Father Marquette's Many Graves

By: Jennifer McGraw

The Unsolved Mysteries of Father Marquette's Many Graves discusses Marquette's life in the Great Lakes area, his death, and the multiple times his body has thought to have been discovered,...

UPPAA Wild bolts electric by adam dompierre.

Wild Bolts Electric

By: Adam Dompierre

A tenacious private eye provokes the wrath of supernatural forces. Can he neutralize the threat before lives are lost?

UPPAA Relative sanity by ellen lord.

Relative Sanity: Poems

An elegiac array of poems, with nostalgic themes of loss, longing, betrayal and forgiveness, Relative Sanity reflects on a lifetime in Michigan's north country. "This lovely collection is a kind...

UPPAA A Yooper's tale by robert williams.

A Yooper's Tale: Death by Wendigo

By: Robert Hugh Williams

Robert Hugh Williams, a Second Ranger Battalion veteran and avid outdoorsman, has completed his new book “A Yooper's Tale: Death by Wendigo”: a captivating story of a band of friends...

UPPAA Vampire grooms and spectre brides.

Vampire Grooms and Spectre Brides: The Marriage of French and British Gothic Literature, 1789-1897

By: Tyler Tichelaar

Vampire Grooms and Spectre Brides explores how French and British Gothic authors continually influenced each other throughout the nineteenth-century in writing classics like A Tale of Two Cities, Rookwood, The...

UPPAA North of nelson, volume 1.

North of Nelson, Volume I; Stories of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

By: Hilton Everett Moore

Six gripping short stories set in the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan will hold the reader spellbound as the various protagonists live, and sometimes perish, in this often...

UPPAA Nickel & dime your way to extra dollars while saving the planet.

Nickel & Dime Your Way To Extra Dollars While Saving The Planet

By: Richard P. Smith

How you can make money from can and bottle deposits that others don't want by doing what's best for the environment and economy at the same time.

UPPAA The cover of great michigan deer tales.

Great Michigan Deer Tales, Book 8; Stories Behind Michigan's biggest Bucks

By: Richard P. Smith

More great short stories about some of the biggest bucks bagged by hunters in Michigan. Lessons that can be learned about deer hunting from reading these stories can be applied...

UPPAA It's okay to love again.

It's Okay to Love Again

By: Emilie Lancour

A memoir of my journey from losing my spouse to finding love again. A story of what I learned about myself and relationships while grieving and falling in love.

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