UPPAA Verrazano's voyages his story in a story.

Verrazzano's Voyages: His Story in a Story

By Maria Vezzetti Matson

Discover for yourself what happened back in 1524-five hundred years ago, with explorer Verrazzano along North America's eastern coast.

Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano sailed under the French flag five hundred years ago. His explorations along the North American eastern coastline must be recognized and celebrated. Let the twelve-year-old twins, Angelo and Gino, entertain and educate you with their knowledge of Greve in Chianti’s mysterious hero—a great short read for teachers, parents, and young adults. Plus, there are fun activities for art, research, and discussions.

Timely little story about one man’s desire to discover. Verrazzano was an explorer with a heart and a mysterious death. Plus he was born in Tuscany, Italy; it’s in my blood.


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