Historical Fiction

UPPAA The sideroad kids tales from chippewa county by sharon m kennedy.

The SideRoad Kids: Tales from Chippewa County

By: Sharon M. Kennedy

Remembering school days, farm chores, and friendship among youngsters and their interaction with their parents, teachers, and each other. What was true in the "old" days is--in many ways--just as...

Willpower, a play by Tyler Tichealaar


By: Tyler Tichelaar

When Will S. Adams was diagnosed with ossification, a mysterious disease that caused his tissues to harden until he became nearly a living statue, he refused to quit living life...

When Teddy Came to Town

By: Tyler Tichelaar

Matthew Newman, reporter for the New York Empire Sentinel, should have seen his assignment to cover the trial as the opportunity of a lifetime. But Matthew left Marquette long ago...

The Queen City

By: Tyler Tichelaar

The Queen City depicts a small Upper Michigan town undergoing change during the Great Depression and two world wars.

The Only Thing That Lasts

By: Tyler Tichelaar

The story of Robert ONeill, the famous novelist introduced in The Marquette Trilogy. As a young boy during World War I, Robert must go to live in Marquette, MI with...

UPPAA The midwife's touch by sue harrison.

The Midwife's Touch

By: Sue Harrison

1851. Hidden in a remote hollow of Missouri's Ozark Mountains, a child grows up with a terrible and powerful ability. Members of a ruthless New Orleans family have dedicated their...

The Captain and the Widow

By: Donna Winters

Twenty-year-old Lily Atwood Haynes stands alone at the helm of a shipping company. Can Captain Hoyt Curtiss help her navigate the choppy waters of widowhood?

The Best Place

By: Tyler Tichelaar

An irritating best friend gained during a childhood spent in a Catholic orphanage, a father who became a Communist and went to Russia in the 1930s, and 3:00 a.m. visits...

Superior Heritage

By: Tyler Tichelaar

The story of a town, cherishing its past and embracing its future as the twentieth century ends.

Sunshine Blues

By: Bob Calverley

1968. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll but the peace and love are dying along with Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. Sunshine’s sixteen and needs to grow up. Fast.

The Spirit of the North

Spirit of the North

By: Tyler Tichelaar

Two young sisters must spend the winter of 1873-4 in their deceased uncle’s cabin. A story of survival, love, and awakening.

Seasons of the Birch

By: Susan M. Puska

Seasons of the Birch is a story of perseverance, sacrifice, and resilience. Susan Puska brings realism and heart to a novel that showcases the untold stories of women, minorities, and...

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