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Spirit of the North

By Tyler Tichelaar

Two young sisters must spend the winter of 1873-4 in their deceased uncle’s cabin. A story of survival, love, and awakening.

Seasons of the Birch

By Susan M. Puska

Seasons of the Birch is a story of perseverance, sacrifice, and resilience. Susan Puska brings realism and heart to a novel that showcases the untold stories of women, minorities, and

Narrow Lives

By Tyler Tichelaar

Marquette Trilogy spin-off. Depicts the influence one person has, even in death, upon others and explores the prisons of grief, loneliness, and fear created when people doubt their own worthiness.

Mackinac: A Grand Hotel Romance

By Donna Winters

Victoria Whitmore heads to Grand Hotel to collect payment for the furniture her father made. But Rand Bartlett, the hotel’s manager, poses an unexpected challenge. 

Lake Superior Tales: Stories of Humor and Adventure in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, 2nd Edition

By Mikel B. Classen

Pirates, thieves, shipwrecks, sexy women, lost gold, and adventures on the Lake Superior frontier await you! In this book, you’ll sail on a ship full of gold, outwit deadly shapeshifters,

Iron Pioneers

By Tyler Tichelaar

A multi-generational novel about Marquette, its history and people.

For the Love of Roses

By Donna Winters

Carey McIlwain resigns her teaching job to take up the reigns of the family florist business, unaware of the challenges that await her.

Fayette: A Time to Love

By Donna Winters

Lavinia Adams takes an instant disliking to the dirty, stinking, furnace town of Fayette. Can Huck Harrigan change her opinion and win her heart?

Fayette: A Time to Leave

By Donna Winters

Violet Harrigan is rocked by the loss of her father and her home. Can Guy Legard overcome her sadness with his friendship and love?

Fayette: A Time to Laugh

By Donna Winters

Flora McAdams cares for the town’s injured pets and has no time for romance. Then Sven Jorgensen arrives in Fayette. Can he win her heart?

Copper Empire

By Donna Simons

In 1913, Paul Weyburn and his fellow copper miners have tolerated dangerous working conditions for too long. Some of their workmates are being maimed or killed thousands of feet underground…

Charlotte of South Manitou Island

By Donna Winters

Charlotte Richards and Seth Trevelyn grow up together at the light station on South Manitou Island. Can childhood friendship lead to lifelong romance?
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