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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UPPAA?

UPPAA is the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association.

Can UPPAA Publish my Book?

UPPAA is not a publisher, but  as a membership organization we are happy to help authors on their journey to discover the best means to get their manuscripts into publication.  We do so by providing the highest quality email discussion group, in-person annual conferences, and through appearances at area book festivals around the Upper Peninsula.

What is UPPAA’s History?

UPPAA began in 1998 when Sue Robishaw, wishing to share her self-publishing experiences and learn from others, had the idea to form the organization. With the help of Lynn Emerick and Michael Marsden, the first UPPAA Conference was held in June 1998 at Northern Michigan University with 30 attendees.

Since its founding, UPPAA has grown to more than 100 members, representing a diverse body of writers in the fields of fiction, nonfiction, history, children’s books, science and many other fields. McNaughton-Gunn, one of the leading book printers in the Midwest, has signed on as a corporate sponsor of UPPAA.

What is UPPAA’s Purpose?

UPPAA was founded to support and encourage networking and idea exchange among Upper Peninsula and surrounding area publishers and authors, and to promote books published and/or written by UPPAA members.

Does UPPAA Have Meetings?

The organization has a Spring Conference (first Saturday in June) and an Autumn Picnic (early September). The Spring Conference in Marquette is divided into several workshops, focusing on such topics as the mechanics of publishing, how to publish cost-effectively, how to market books, and how to gain publicity.  The Fall Picnic takes place on Presque Isle and is an informal potluck social event with no programming or agenda.

UPPAA has also brought in internationally known guest speakers to its conferences. Attendance at conferences is free to UPPAA members.

Do I have to live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to qualify?

Absolutely not!  UPPAA welcomes members from across the entire state of Michigan as well as northern Wisconsin. Additionally, many of our members have a strong background in local historical societies that would be a great resource for anyone starting out in local research methods.

How is UPPAA Organized?

UPPAA is a not-for-profit organization with an elected Board of Directors. Board positions are open to all members and are elected biennially by the membership.

What is UPPAA’s Future?

With a group of enthusiastic and innovative members, UPPAA continues to grow and seek new ways—in the rapidly changing world of book publishing—to promote its Upper Peninsula authors and their books.

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