UPPAA Book cover illustration depicting children enjoying a pool on a dock with the text "Upper Peninsula Fun in the Sun: Hooray for Camp Days." The background outlines a map of a peninsula. Written by Johnny Storm, illustrations by Larry Ruppert.

By Johnny Storm

The book is for the young and for the young at heart and rhymes from start to finish. Natural beauty is everywhere in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and summer fun seems to never end!

A fun, rhyming story for kids where the main character is the person reading it, listening to it, or looking at the illustrations.  Natural beauty is everywhere in the Upper Peninsula’s Keweenaw region, and childhood summer fun is a sure thing.  It never seems to end on the Keweenaw waterway, at the northern tip of the U.P. of Michigan.  It’s Pure Michigan family fun!

Praise for Fun in the Sun:

“The author eloquently captures the beauty of the Keweenaw Peninsula and the magic of never-ending childhood summers that could never be long enough.” 
Robert Tervo, lifelong Yooper, outdoor enthusiast, and dad

“It sounds just like when we are Up North! It’s a good story!” 
Carver P., age 8

“My favorite part is the fishing part because it makes me think of when we fish Up North!”
Blaine P., age 11

Original Title

Upper Peninsula Fun in the Sun - Hooray for Camp Days

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Print Length

44 pages

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