Biography & Autobiography

Stars & Shields

By: Edward T. Cook

Covers 30 years of cop stories, jokes, and statements that the author has personally been involved in, or has been told by other cops in the Midwest in Illinois and...

Letters From Heroes World War I and World War II

By: Edward T. Cook

The hardships, struggles, hopes and triumphs of the men and women who served in World War I and World War II is wonderfully captured in Letters From Heroes.

Lake Effect

By: Richard Hill

A deckhand’s coming-of-age story of sailing the Great Lakes steamboats during the social and political upheavals of the early 1970s, an intimate portrait of life aboard the giant ore boats.

UPPAA The cover of kawwagam the chief, the legend, the man.

Kawbawgam: The Chief, The Legend, The Man

By: Tyler Tichelaar

Today, Charles Kawbawgam, “The Last Chief of the Chippewa,” is a legend in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for allegedly living to age 103 (1799-1902). But few know anything else about him...

Copper Country Chronicler: The Best of J.W. Nara

By: Deborah K. Frontiera

Experience the past through the artistic camera lens of J. W. Nara, one of the Copper Country’s earliest professional photographers.

UPPAA Beyond my dreams an immigrant's story.

Beyond My Dreams, An Immigrant's Story

By: Julie Dickerson

Vitalis VanRaemdonck grew up in Belgium poor, hungry and with no hope of being anything else. But his life changed when rumors spread of a way to get to America.

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