Juvenile Fiction

Wooly & The Good Shepherd

By: Elizabeth Fust

Wooly and the Good Shepherd is the story of one little lamb\\’s nativity adventure. Wooly the lamb is scared of everything and the rest of the flock make fun of...

Woodaline The Beaver

By: Timothy LaJoice

Realistic Fiction, the journey of a Northern Michigan Beaver.

The Hungry Kitten's Tale

By: Elizabeth Fust

Many cats lived in the small town of Bethsaida. Some lived with families and caught mice, some lived with important people and lounged on cushions all day, and some wandered...

UPPAA The home wind by tori martin.

The Home Wind

By: Terri Martin

The Home Wind is a middle-grade (ages 9 and up) children's novel set in an Upper Michigan Logging camp in the 1870s. The book is told from the point of...

Stretch to the Sun: From a Tiny Sprout to the Tallest Tree on Earth

By: Carrie Pearson

How tall is the tallest tree in the world? 380 feet—and still growing! Now protected, this tree was almost destroyed but is now home to many creatures.

Simon and Company Flea Market Mice

By: Deborah K. Frontiera

Simon becomes lost from his family and ends up with many mice in a flea market. He and his friends have some scary adventures.


By: Alan Carriero

To help her young grandson Billy learn the importance of believing in yourself, a Michigan grandmother tells him a fantastical story about a rabbit named Yoopie. Yoopie is relentlessly made...

Marty and the Far Woodchuck

By: Craig Brockman

A small life can be transformed by a great love. This humble creature learns it’s the journey that matters. A humorous, tender, uplifting adventure. An outstanding book to read to...

UPPAA Lost swimmer drill by jennifer brady.

Lost Swimmer Drill (Abby’s Camp Days: Volume 4)

By: Jenifer Brady

Abby and her friends have graduated to junior high camp! Will camp and her friends help her get through her family’s crisis? Or will the problems at home put a...

Living on Sisu The 1913 Union Copper Strike Tragedy

By: Deborah K. Frontiera

Twelve-year-old Emma’s life will be turned upside down in the summer of 1913 by a violent strike against the copper mining companies. Only the Finnish characteristic sisu will get her...

Kit Trouble

By: Timothy LaJoice

Kit Trouble is the sequel to my first children’s book called Woodaline the beaver. It is a story about the baby beavers, Aspen and Willow, born from Woodaline and the...

Hamsters After Dark

By: Kathy Kuczek

Hamsters After Dark was inspired by true events. We did indeed have six baby hamsters that kept escaping their cage.

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