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UPPAA Understanding michigan black bear the truth about bears and x hunting.

Understanding Michigan Black Bear

By: Richard P. Smith

All you wanted to know about bears and bear management as well as how to deal with problem bears and a history of bear attacks. Updated in 2007. Information applies...

Tracking Wounded Deer, 3rd Edition

By: Richard P. Smith

The best book about this subject is even better with the release of the third edition. All of the photos (84) in this edition are in color. There’s more solid...

UPPAA Stand hunting for whitetails.

Stand Hunting for Whitetails

By: Richard P. Smith

Tips and tricks about how to be consistently successful when hunting from ground blinds and tree stands as well as how to do it safely. Learn how to do it...

UPPAA Point north by mike b classen.

Points North: Discover Hidden Campgrounds, Natural Wonders, and Waterways of the Upper Peninsula

By: Mikel B. Classen

I’ve spent many years exploring the wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.), and one thing has become apparent: no matter what part in which you find yourself, fascinating sights are...

UPPAA Michigan tech hockey 100 years of memories.

Michigan Tech Hockey: 100 Years of Memories

By: William J. Sproule

The book explores the 100 years of Michigan Tech hockey that have created many memories for teams, players, coaches, students, alumni, and the community who have followed the Huskies.

UPPAA Michigan tech football the first 100 years.

Michigan Tech Football: The First 100 Years

By: William J. Sproule

Football is a special part of Michigan Tech history. Michigan Mining School students played local high school and community teams in the 1890s, but it was not until 1920 that...

UPPAA The cover of hogton the birthplace of professional hockey.

Houghton: The Birthplace of Professional Hockey

By: William J. Sproule

The story of how a Canadian-born dentist and Houghton entrepreneur changed hockey by openly paying players to come to Michigan’s Copper Country to play hockey.

UPPAA The cover of great michigan deer tales.

Great Michigan Deer Tales, Book 7

By: Richard P. Smith

Book 7 of Great Michigan Deer Tales continues the tradition started in 1994 with Book 1 in the series of providing detailed information about how, where, when and by whom...

Great Michigan Deer Tales, Book 6

By: Richard P. Smith

Another collection of short stories about how, where, when and by whom the state’s biggest bucks were bagged, including the highest scoring nontypical.

Great Michigan Deer Tales, Book 5

By: Richard P. Smith

28 more monster buck tales from every region of the state taken by men & women with gun, bow & muzzleloader. Read about brothers who shot the same trophy buck,...

Great Michigan Deer Tales, Book 4

By: Richard P. Smith

Proof that Michigan produces whitetail bucks with some of the biggest antlers in N. America.

Great Michigan Deer Tales, Book 3

By: Richard P. Smith

Stories about how, where & when some of Michigan’s biggest bucks were bagged, including in depth coverage of North America’s highest scoring typical. Great family hunts & a remarkable buck.

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