UPPAA The blue flame by nathan shore.

The Blue Flame

By Nathan Shore

A searing tale of crime and corruption in the tight-knit world of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

When disgraced attorney Ben Hirsch embarks on a mission to bring two criminal brothers to justice, will he pay the ultimate price?

Lionel and Marcus Shaw are the scourge of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Shaws’ reign of crime has left the U.P.’s residents in fear for their lives. Their wealthy and well-connected sister protects them, and they’ve eluded prosecution multiple times.

Disbarred attorney Ben Hirsch has hit rock bottom. An old friend, ambitious county prosecutor Kyle Severson, is desperate to put the Shaw brothers behind bars, and he needs an undercover informant to gather evidence the authorities can’t ignore. His hapless friend falls from grace at just the right moment.

Armed with his Ojibwa ancestors’ wisdom and his late father’s .38 Special, Hirsch embarks on a mission to bring the Shaw brothers to justice and redeem his past misdeeds. Each encounter drags him deeper into their morass of crime. As a web of corruption and betrayal tightens around him, he discovers the price of redemption might cost him his life.

The Blue Flame is the story of a desperate man’s quest for justice amidst the criminal underworld of rural America.



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