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UPPAA How to write a book with a kid on your lap.

How to write a book with a kid on your lap: one mom’s hilarious transition from stay at home mom to full-time author

By: Nikki Mitchell

Stay-at-home moms do it all when it comes to running their households and keeping their children from self-destruction. But what happens when that mom also has a dream to write...

UPPAA Cave of stories by nukka mitchell.

Cave of Stories

By: Nikki Mitchell

Join friends old and new as they help Mrs. O’Leary save their portal-hopping friend in Eleanor’s last and most exciting adventure.

UPPAA City of gold by nikki mitchell.

City of Gold

By: Nikki Mitchell

Sometimes a magic portal can be found in ordinary things. That’s exactly what Eleanor Mason discovers when she receives a tattered book of stories from her father.

UPPAA The cover of nightshadow forest by nikki mickelll.

Nightshade Forest

By: Nikki Mitchell

When eleven-year-old Eleanor receives a gift from her father, she never imagines it will open a portal to a fairytale world. Upon reading the first sentence of chapter one, she...

UPPAA Season of dragons by nikki mitchell.

Season of Dragons

By: Nikki Mitchell

Ichabod Surname never imagined he’d be spending a Friday afternoon cross-country skiing with a grandma dragon—but that’s exactly what happens when he finds a giant egg on the way to...

UPPAA Caddy and the birchbox box by ann dalman.

Cady and the Birchbark Box

By: Ann Dallman

An exciting coming-of-age story combining a mysterious journal, Great Lakes shipwrecks, and traditions of the Anishnabe. Cady Whirlwind Thunder solves another mystery with the help of her friends, Irish and...

UPPAA The lady of the lighthouse by teri greening.

The Lady of the Lighthouse A WWII Great Lakes Thriller

By: Terri Greening

A pirate, a Great Lakes shipping captain, a dashing, Italian spy, and the lonely, pregnant, young mother who loved them all.

UPPAA My journey begins where the road ends.

My Journey Begins Where the Road Ends...

By: Thomas Ford Conlan

Conlan’s poignant reflections upon the vital role nature plays in all our lives will resonate with readers of all ages.

UPPAA The sideroad kids tales from chippewa county by sharon m kennedy.

The SideRoad Kids: Tales from Chippewa County

By: Sharon M. Kennedy

Remembering school days, farm chores, and friendship among youngsters and their interaction with their parents, teachers, and each other. What was true in the "old" days is--in many ways--just as...

UPPAA The cover of up reader.

U.P. Reader -- Volume #7

By: Deborah K. Frontiera (editor), Mikel Classen (editor)

7th Edition of the UPPAA anthology includes more than sixty poems, short stories, and autobiographical pieces.

World War II Conscientious Objectors: Germfask, Michigan the Alcatraz Camp

By: Jane Kopecky

A small group of World War II political dissidents reveal how they survived what they called America’s Siberia Concentration Camp. Before the Vietnam War Americans considered conscientious objectors equal to...

Wooly & The Good Shepherd

By: Elizabeth Fust

Wooly and the Good Shepherd is the story of one little lamb\\’s nativity adventure. Wooly the lamb is scared of everything and the rest of the flock make fun of...

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