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Great Michigan Deer Tales, Book 8; Stories Behind Michigan's biggest Bucks

By Richard P. Smith

More great short stories about some of the biggest bucks bagged by hunters in Michigan. Lessons that can be learned about deer hunting from reading these stories can be applied to deer hunting anywhere!

You get more bang for your buck, so to speak, from the 8th book in this series about the biggest bucks bagged by hunters in Michigan. There are more bucks to read about in this book than each of the previous seven. This volume includes a total of 17 chapters instead of the 15 that are in each of the other books. Since some of the chapters cover more than one buck, you will find out about more than 17 great deer tales. In fact, there are more than 40 tales on these pages to entertain and educate you about Michigan deer hunting. Like other books in this series, this volume continues to disprove the myth that mandatory antler point restrictions (MAPR) are necessary to produce plenty of older age bucks in the state.

Besides stories about how, where, when and by whom some of the state’s biggest bucks were bagged that this series of books was built around, there are chapters about two of the state’s most successful deer hunters from different parts of the state. There’s also a chapter about three hunters who shot trophy bucks with antlers still in velvet. Another chapter is about a trio of hunters who each connected on a pair of trophy bucks the same year. Still one more chapter covers book bucks that drowned after their antlers became locked. There’s also a chapter about a wheelchair-bound hunter who arrowed one of the state’s highest scoring bucks with a crossbow and much, much more.

If you are interested in hunting big bucks, there’s no better way to learn about how to do it than reading these successful accounts of hunters who have accomplished the feat.




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