Nikki Mitchell

Nikki Mitchell


UPPAA Oscar's noisy alma by lisa mitchell.

Oscar’s Noisy Dilemma

By: Nikki Mitchell

Birthday parties are supposed to be fun, but for kids like Oscar, they can be pretty overwhelming. Swim along with Oscar as he navigates his first-ever birthday bash with a...

UPPAA How to write a book with a kid on your lap.

How to write a book with a kid on your lap: one mom’s hilarious transition from stay at home mom to full-time author

By: Nikki Mitchell

Stay-at-home moms do it all when it comes to running their households and keeping their children from self-destruction. But what happens when that mom also has a dream to write...

UPPAA Cave of stories by nukka mitchell.

Cave of Stories

By: Nikki Mitchell

Join friends old and new as they help Mrs. O’Leary save their portal-hopping friend in Eleanor’s last and most exciting adventure.

UPPAA City of gold by nikki mitchell.

City of Gold

By: Nikki Mitchell

Sometimes a magic portal can be found in ordinary things. That’s exactly what Eleanor Mason discovers when she receives a tattered book of stories from her father.

UPPAA The cover of nightshadow forest by nikki mickelll.

Nightshade Forest

By: Nikki Mitchell

When eleven-year-old Eleanor receives a gift from her father, she never imagines it will open a portal to a fairytale world. Upon reading the first sentence of chapter one, she...

UPPAA Season of dragons by nikki mitchell.

Season of Dragons

By: Nikki Mitchell

Ichabod Surname never imagined he’d be spending a Friday afternoon cross-country skiing with a grandma dragon—but that’s exactly what happens when he finds a giant egg on the way to...

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