UPPAA Nickel & dime your way to extra dollars while saving the planet.

Nickel & Dime Your Way To Extra Dollars While Saving The Planet

By Richard P. Smith

How you can make money from can and bottle deposits that others don't want by doing what's best for the environment and economy at the same time.

This book explains how anyone can turn the nickels and dimes from beverage container deposits into extra dollars to pay for groceries and other essentials such as gas for your vehicle. On a larger scale, the book covers how bottle and can drives conducted by nonprofit organizations, among others, can generate thousands of dollars for operating expenses and charitable causes. But the book is about far more than how to make money from drink container deposits. This volume also provides valuable insights into how the dramatic increase in recycling that deposit laws generate, play a vital role in saving the planet and how expansion of those laws to more states will be major steps toward protecting the environment as well as benefiting the economy. In fact, expansion of container deposit laws to more states is one of the quickest, easiest and most efficient ways to have an impact on reversing climate change.

The nickels & dimes for can and bottle deposits doesn’t seem like much money, but it adds up when you collect hundreds or thousands of them, and the money from those returnables can help you save money on groceries and gas for your vehicle.




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