UPPAA It's okay to love again.

It's Okay to Love Again

By Emilie Lancour

A memoir of my journey from losing my spouse to finding love again. A story of what I learned about myself and relationships while grieving and falling in love.

After losing my husband unexpectedly, I learned a lot. I learned about the difference between grief and grieving. I learned how to find laughter, feel joy, and experience peace. I learned about the love we shared and how that was never going to end. I learned how to be a widow and a single mom. I learned about my self-confidence and how to listen to my heart. But I also had a lot of questions. Could I love someone else like I love my husband? How do I move forward? Do I forget my marriage? Do I stop grieving? How do I date or meet someone? Will someone want to be with me as a widow; as a single mom; with someone in their forties? Will this person die too and then I’ll be a widow again? I spent time writing in a journal and communicating with friends all through the process of finding the answers. This is my story. This is my journey of learning to love again after losing the love of my life. This tells of how my heart grew a new space. I have not forgotten. I still have moments of grief. I am still learning and questioning.




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