UPPAA A cup of miracles by emmie lacou.

A Cup of Miracles

By Emilie Lancour

A collection of miracles I have experienced related to simple moments and more significant occurrences.

Throughout my life I have been asked how I can believe in God or a higher power. I explain that I have experienced so many things that are coincidental and unable to be explained that there has to be something creating these events. I call the events miracles. I have written down things that happen to me that make me aware that I am not in control, things that bring me peace, and happenings that confirm my thoughts and beliefs. Not all of the miracles are religious or tied to faith or religion. Many miracles are teeny one second moments I pay attention to. Knowing that I am being cared for and watched over brings me peace and joy. Many of the events listed have confirmed my belief that when a person dies, they continue to be a part of our lives. Some of the miracles confirm my faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Many of the miracles are things you have experienced as well.




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