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This catalog lists books which were written by members of the Upper Peninsula Publisher’s & Author’s Association (UPPAA).  Any active member can submit their book data for the catalog at any time.  This includes any book you may have written, regardless of whether it concerns the U.P. or not.

The Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier: The Re-creation of Roacheria


Author: Deborah K. Frontiera

Henry, a roach nymph of ten season cycles, sat at the slanted work surface in New South Dairy Colony 50’s training center. This segment of the series is focused on the narrating character, Henry Roach-Dairier, whose roach father was adopted by ants. Henry struggles with his “mixed culture” more than his older siblings, but then discovers his desire to carry his grandfather’s mission of peace into the roach nation, where he finds he has many enemies. Of the series, this title has the most social satire and is appreciated by middle and high school students and adults who like fantasy. One reviewer has stated, “Animal Farm and Watership Down rolled into one.”

ISBN: 978-0-975341-03-2

Publisher: Jade Enterprises (15th anniversary edition 2019)

Format: Paperback & Ebook

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Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Deborah K. Frontiera

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