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Platinum Platter: 70 Years of Guts Frisbee

By Dennis Walikainen

Tracing the history of Guts Frisbee, the book also reflects the times: from a family beach game to an intense sport played for large prize monies, and a near death

Farmed Out in Ontonagon County

By Pat Winton

Farmed Out in Ontonagon County chronicles one man’s lifelong journey of hard knocks, hard work, persistence, forgiveness, and a strong belief in the Almighty.

Upper Peninsula Fun in the Sun – Hooray for Camp Days

By Johnny Storm

The book is for the young and for the young at heart and rhymes from start to finish. Natural beauty is everywhere in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and summer fun

Legacy of an Immigrant: Four Generations of Flying

By Maria Vezzetti Matson

A first-class read about international and Michigan aviation history and the human elements of love, loss, and grief.

Comic Tones in Science Fiction

By Donald M. Hassler

Comic Tones in Science Fiction: The Art of Compromise with Nature (Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

One of Them

By Kelsey Matthews

This novel is an urban fantasy set in the town of Marquette, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and beyond. Follow the story of 17-year-old Robert Donoghue as he discovers his powers

My Journey Begins Where the Road Ends

By Thomas Ford Conlan

Conlan’s poignant memoir, with reflections upon the vital role nature plays in all our lives, will resonate with readers of all ages.

Gentle Spirits

By Thomas Ford Conlan

Journey with Samuel and Angelique and experience the grace of dolphins and wild horses on Cumberland Island; birds, dogs, butterflies, brook trout, and grapevines in Northern Michigan; trout-fishing in Spearfish

Lake Effect. Life is Short. Drink the Good Scotch First!

By DJ Williams

Forty essays with a U.P. theme, most in celebration of our fair peninsula and our adventures in enjoying it through all four seasons. And other subjects.

Verrazzano’s Voyages: His Story in a Story

By Maria Vezzetti Matson

Discover for yourself what happened back in 1524-five hundred years ago, with explorer Verrazzano along North America's eastern coast.

LESSON 1 – Leveraging Leadership in Everyday Life

By John VanDusen

21 Leadership Lessons from the classroom, locker room, and battlefield that can be put into practice in your everyday life.

The Blue Flame

By Nathan Shore

A searing tale of crime and corruption in the tight-knit world of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
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