Getting your book into the B&N store at Northern Michigan University (NMU)

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NMUAs you might or might not know, the NMU bookstore was recently acquired by the Barnes & Noble chain.  As such, a complete changeout of inventory was made, leaving some local authors in doubt of whether they could be stocked (again).  Tyler writes:

I have followed up with the NMU bookstore and they do want to carry local books. They are still working it out, but if you want to contact Paul Wright there, he can get you set up. He’ll need a list of your books with the retail and wholesale prices and then he’ll arrange to get you into the B&N system by having B&N send you a vendor application. I returned my vendor app last week and am still waiting for the bookstore to place an actual order with me, but the process is hopefully moving along.
They want 40% as a discount which is standard for most stores.
Just call the NMU bookstore and ask for Paul Wright. The number is 906-227-2480. They are on summer hours right now, so call between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

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