Costco Loves Region-specific Books

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The Psychic Highway

One of the most difficult book marketing challenges is to convince Costco to give your book precious space on its shelves.
Usually, the store’s book buyers won’t look twice at you unless you’ve already sold several thousand books on your own. They don’t want to take a chance with an author who hasn’t sold many books or isn’t a celebrity.
When indie author Michael T. Keene wanted his new book, “The Psychic Highway — How the Erie Canal Change America,” inside Costco stores in upstate New York, he contacted American West Books in Rochester. They’re wholesalers that focus on nationwide mass merchandisers and regional chains.
Bingo. The book will be available in two local Costco stores within a few weeks. That kind of success story, especially for an indie author whose book has just been published, is rare.
“Because my book is about the Erie Canal which runs through Rochester and Syracuse, America West thought this was the best place to start,” said Michael, who is featured in a newspaper article today in The Daily News Online.
But what if your book isn’t about local history?
To do: Publishing expert Amy Collins’ has  advanced tips on how to work with the buyers, merchandisers and the marketing departments at Costco, Walmart, Target and other big retailers. She shares them on the video replay of a webinar I hosted with her. Use the coupon code COSTCO at check-out (Click “Apply” and “Recalculate”) to grab it for half price, but only until midnight Monday night, March 14.

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