New Book Shares Tips and Experiences for Growing Berries in the Backyard Garden

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Growing Berries for Food and Fun

Growing Berries for Food and Fun

March 16, 2016 — Cooks, Michigan
New Book Shares Tips and Experiences for Growing Berries in the Backyard Garden
U.P. author, artist and gardener, Sue Robishaw, has just released her latest book “Growing Berries for Food and Fun – Notes from the Northwoods”, to help fellow northern gardeners successfully grow their own strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and grapes. Picking fresh berries from your own home-grown plants is a treat no matter where you live, but in this cold short season climate of the Upper Peninsula there is an extra special satisfaction when you succeed. With almost forty years experience to draw on Robishaw’s book promises to help readers do just that.
Full of color photos this is both a journey and a visit to the northwoods homestead that Sue shares with her husband, Steve Schmeck (also a writer and artist), as well as a book full of practical information and encouragement. Along with important notes on preparing ground, choosing varieties, planting, caring, maintenance, and harvesting, the information on the protective cages they designed and built to keep the birds away from their ripening strawberries and blueberries will be of particular interest to those already growing their own fruit and sharing too much of it with the birds.
Robishaw has been writing about gardening and homesteading for 35 years. Known in the U.P. for her popular presentations, this book will be a welcome addition to her other books and articles. “Growing Berries for Food and Fun” is available as both a digital ebook and a full color paperback print book, giving readers a choice depending on what they prefer. Between them she and Steve have written and self-published eight books (their first book was the incentive to start UPPAA!). They share even more how-to information, tips, and interesting aspects of their solar, sustainable lifestyle on their extensive website at Ordering information for this newest book can also be found on their website [click here].

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