Pat Ryan O’Day, Owner of Marquette Monthly, Passes Away

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Pat Ryan O’Day, Owner of Marquette Monthly, Passes Away
Marquette, MI, — Pat Ryan O’Day, longtime owner, editor-in-chief and publisher of the Marquette Monthly, passed away at U.P. Health System in Marquette on Wednesday, January 14, 2015, following a brief stay at the hospital.
Ryan O’Day was long known in Upper Michigan as the owner of Marquette Monthly for over twenty years. Marquette Monthly began in 1987 and was purchased by Ryan O’Day in 1992.
Since then, it has been regularly distributed throughout central and western Upper Michigan. Ryan O’Day was proud that it was the only independent and locally owned newspaper in Upper Michigan. Under Ryan O’Day’s ownership, Marquette Monthly won numerous Good News Awards, and in 2011, it was awarded recognition in the Marquette Arts and Culture Awards for its longstanding excellence and contribution to the community.
Benefiting the community was one of Ryan O’Day’s greatest interests and she always made certain that good causes and important events found mention in Marquette Monthly, from fundraising support for Public Radio 90 to raising awareness of health and environmental issues and encouraging people to shop locally.
Prior to owning Marquette Monthly, Ryan O’Day owned the Action Shopper in Marquette. She was also actively involved as a Board Member of Northern Michigan University’s North Wind student newspaper. Many of those student journalists later found jobs at Marquette Monthly. Ryan O’Day loved to encourage and support young people and to show appreciation for those who made special contributions, including supporting 8-18 Media with its own column in Marquette Monthly and spotlighting locals.
Ryan O’Day was involved in numerous other organizations, sat on many boards and constantly did everything she could to strengthen the community.
Longtime friend Babette Welch described Ryan O’Day as “A true leader of the business community who was devoted to helping others become better people, helping businesses to grow, and supporting women. Her thoughtful insight helped the community evolve and become stronger.”
Author Tyler Tichelaar worked for Ryan O’Day for nearly eight years as the proofreader and book reviewer for Marquette Monthly. “I so appreciated her professionalism and her determination to tell both sides of the story,” said Tichelaar, “but best of all, she had wonderful stories to share of Marquette’s past.”
The Marquette Monthly, Ryan O’Day’s countless friends and admirers and her many contributions to the community are her lasting legacy.
Her daughter, Aileen Ryan, said, “My mum loved this community and she never ceased to be pleased with how its readers responded to the Marquette Monthly. We intend to make sure that legacy continues.”
Those wishing to express their condolences to the Ryan O’Day family can do so by mail sent to 810 N. Third St., Marquette, MI 49855.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear that Tyler, a remarkable person and a journalist. I always believed The Press is the peoples’ power. I was at UCSB during the Watergate years, Woodward and Bernstein were quite a duo. Sue and I leave for our other home in Louisiana near Baton Rouge. I’ve gotten a start on my next book (at last) and am enjoying that. This time I’m pointing my pen on fiction. My instinct, having come from a research university education, is nonfiction. (It looks like my last quarter book sales we’re good, good enough at least.) I hope to see everyone soon, but know Sue and I are leaving for our winter home in Louisiana on Tuesday, back here in late March. We’ll stay in touch, my Iphone # is ____________ -Kim Allen Wright, and my best to the UPPAA group.

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