In memory of Ragene Henry (1947 – 2014)

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Ragene Henry (1947 - 2014) Resided in Marquette, MI

Ragene Henry (1947 – 2014)
Resided in Marquette, MI

I  am sure many of you knew Ragene Henry or are familiar with the four children’s books she wrote about U.P. History. Here is her obituary at the Canale Funeral Home if you wish to read it or offer condolences. It appeared in the Mining Journal and other UP papers today.
Her books include:

  • The Time of the Copper Moon
  • The Barefoot Boys of Fayette
  • The Time of the Shining Rocks
  • An Enduring Christmas (Marquette, Michigan, 1850)

Read a brief interview with Ragene Henry (2009)


  1. Thank you Tyler, very sad and only 67. We’re out of town unfortunately, back in a few days. On the 27th we leave for our Winter home near Baton Rouge where we’ll stay for two months, returning late March. I’m going to do some writing while there, and hope I can have a good outline before we leave. Given this news, it’s difficult for me to say happy New Year Tyler, but do wish all of us well. Sad news….-Allen

  2. Thanks for letting us know so that we may celebrate her life, knowing that her creative spirit lives on in her books. 🙂

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