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This catalog lists books which were written by members of the Upper Peninsula Publisher’s & Author’s Association (UPPAA).  Any active member can submit their book data for the catalog at any time.  This includes any book you may have written, regardless of whether it concerns the U.P. or not.

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The Gothic Wanderer: From Transgression to Redemption

By: Tyler Tichelaar

From the horrors of sixteenth century Italian castles to twenty-first century plagues, from the French Revolution to the liberation of Libya, Tyler R. Tichelaar takes readers on far more than a journey through literary history. The Gothic Wanderer is an exploration of man’s deepest fears, his efforts to rise above them for the last two centuries, and how he may...

The Congress of the Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology Vol. 1

By: Charli Mills (editor)

Thirty writers began with 99 words. They went on to tackle a new prompt, extended stories, memoirist essays, and how to build a literary community with flash fiction. This is not your typical anthology.

The Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier: To Build a Tunnel

By: Deborah K. Frontiera

Humans are extinct on Earth. Insects have evolved, but are chemically dependent on Plastic. Roaches hire/enslave ants to build their mine tunnels. The Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier is a series carefully designed so titles can be read in any order.

The Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier: The Re-creation of Roacheria

By: Deborah K. Frontiera

Henry, a roach nymph of ten season cycles, sat at the slanted work surface in New South Dairy Colony 50’s training center. This segment of the series is focused on the narrating character, Henry Roach-Dairier, whose roach father was adopted by ants.

The Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier: The Inception of the Combined Colonies

By: Deborah K. Frontiera

The grandson of the first Henry Roach-Dairier takes up the torch of writing the ants’ past, how enslavement of one colony brought the colonies together. Two generations after The Re-Creation of Roacheria, Henry Roach-Dairier II becomes fascinated by his grandfather’s telling of how the ant colonies came together into one super colony.

The Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier: New South Dairy Colony 50

By: Deborah K. Frontiera

Enter the world of Henry Roach-Dairier, a world where humans no longer exist. Insects, greatly enlarged and intelligent, dominate. Ants live communal lives, dedicated to each other, while roaches are materialistic and self-centered.

The Captain and the Widow

By: Donna Winters

Twenty-year-old Lily Atwood Haynes stands alone at the helm of a shipping company. Can Captain Hoyt Curtiss help her navigate the choppy waters of widowhood?

The Best Place

By: Tyler Tichelaar

An irritating best friend gained during a childhood spent in a Catholic orphanage, a father who became a Communist and went to Russia in the 1930s, and 3:00 a.m. visits to The Pancake House. Such is the life of Lyla Hopewell.

Superior Tapestry: Weaving the Threads of Upper Michigan History

By: Deborah K. Frontiera

From the back cover: Superior Tapestry mixes natural science and geology into history where those aspects intersect with the lives of people or are the reason Michigan's Upper Peninsula developed the way it did.

Superior Heritage

By: Tyler Tichelaar

The story of a town, cherishing its past and embracing its future as the twentieth century ends.

Sunshine Blues

By: Bob Calverley

1968. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll but the peace and love are dying along with Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. Sunshine’s sixteen and needs to grow up. Fast.

Summer Camp Wedding (Abby's Camp Days #7)


Two of Abby’s favorite counselors are getting married at camp, and Abby’s excited to be part of the ceremony. Nothing can get in the way of the perfect day they have planned . . . except maybe a maid-of-honor-zilla pushing to morph the simple camp wedding into a fancy to-do, an overzealous scripture reader who threatens to steal the show,...

Subscribing to the Enemy (March Sisters Sweet Romance 1)

By: Jenifer Brady

She’s a YouTube comedy sensation. He’s a serious filmmaker. When they’re forced to work together, what sort of sparks will fly?

Stretch to the Sun: From a Tiny Sprout to the Tallest Tree on Earth

By: Carrie Pearson

How tall is the tallest tree in the world? 380 feet—and still growing! Now protected, this tree was almost destroyed but is now home to many creatures.

Stars & Shields

By: Edward T. Cook

Covers 30 years of cop stories, jokes, and statements that the author has personally been involved in, or has been told by other cops in the Midwest in Illinois and Michigan.

Stand Hunting for Whitetails

By: Richard P. Smith

Tips and tricks about how to be consistently successful when hunting from ground blinds and tree stands as well as how to do it safely. Learn how to do it most effectively.

Spirit of the North

By: Tyler Tichelaar

Two young sisters must spend the winter of 1873-4 in their deceased uncle’s cabin. A story of survival, love, and awakening.

Simon and Company Flea Market Mice

By: Deborah K. Frontiera

Simon becomes lost from his family and ends up with many mice in a flea market. He and his friends have some scary adventures.

Seasons of the Birch

By: Susan M. Puska

Seasons of the Birch is a story of perseverance, sacrifice, and resilience. Susan Puska brings realism and heart to a novel that showcases the untold stories of women, minorities, and marginalized men who served their country yet seldom get the recognition they deserve.

Save the Craft Cabin! (Abby’s Camp Days: Volume 6)

By: Jenifer Brady

Abby can’t believe the news: because of a generous donation, camp is going to get an awesome new recreation building. The problem is, the camp board of directors are planning on tearing down the old craft cabin, and with it, all of Abby’s memories of gimp, grassheads, and a special friend.

Sam English: The Life, Work and Times of An Artist

By: Ann Dallman, Sam English

This book contains more than 85 full-color reproductions of this premiere artist’s poster prints. The art and artwork spanning more than 30 years of Sam’s work is the book’s focal point.

Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (Vol. III, No. 4)

By: Ernest Dempsey, Victor R. Volkman

A quarterly journal which explores the themes of parenting and child rearing issues through the lenses of poetry, memoir, opinion, essays, fiction, humor, art, media reviews and psychoeducation.

Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing

By: Ernest Dempsey, Victor R. Volkman

A quarterly journal which explores the themes of  health and chronic disease recovery/treatment through the lenses of poetry, memoir, opinion, essays, fiction, humor, art, media reviews and psychoeducation.


By: Alan Carriero

To help her young grandson Billy learn the importance of believing in yourself, a Michigan grandmother tells him a fantastical story about a rabbit named Yoopie. Yoopie is relentlessly made fun of by his neighbors for keeping a “useless strange fuzzy red thing” (a mitten) that he finds in the meadow.

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