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UPPAA Church lady chronicles devilish encounters.

Church Lady Chronicles: Devilish Encounters

By: Terri Martin

A collection of humorous short stories told by church lady, Miss Bea Righteous, a resident of the Gnarly Woods Senior Complex and elder of her church. In her unfaltering quest...

Chogan and the White Feather

By: Larry Buege

Life would be pleasant, if not for two village bullies. Kanti bets her prized spear against Ahanu’s bear-claw necklace in a canoe race. To win, Chogan and Kanti will need...

UPPAA Chogan and the gray wolf native american novel.

Chogan and the Gray Wolf

By: Larry Buege

It is 100 years B.C. (Before Columbus). Twelve-year-old Chogan and his ten-year-old sister rescue an orphan wolf pup and raise it to adulthood. When they release it into the wild,...

Charlotte of South Manitou Island

By: Donna Winters

Charlotte Richards and Seth Trevelyn grow up together at the light station on South Manitou Island. Can childhood friendship lead to lifelong romance?

Camp Expert (Abby's Camp Days: Volume 1)

By: Jenifer Brady

Nine-year-old “camp expert” Abby discovers that being a real camper at summer camp is nothing like hanging out as a staff member’s kid.

UPPAA The cover of cady and the bear necklace.

Cady and the Bear Necklace

By: Ann Dallman

Cady, a 13-year-old girl of Native American heritage, has experienced big changes in the past year—her father’s marriage to a much younger woman, a new baby brother, and a move...

Cabin Secrets (Abby’s Camp Days: Volume 3)

By: Jenifer Brady

Getting flirting lessons from lifeguard Julie and deciding which boy camper she thinks is the cutest turns out to be not as bad as Abby thought it would be, but...

UPPAA Breaking free too taking a flight butterfly with self-discovery.

Breaking Free Too

By: Tamara Lauder

Breaking Free Too: Taking a Flight With a Butterfly Toward Self-Discovery is a powerful pictorial book appropriate for anyone struggling to discover their true self.

Bookworms Anonymous

By: Jan Stafford Kellis

Part memoir, part cookbook, part info guide, examination of reading as hobby, diversion, obsession, even sport. Features 8 meetings with menu plans, recipes, instructions for similar clubs.

UPPAA Black bear hunting the ultimate reference.

Black Bear Hunting, 2nd Ed.

By: Richard P. Smith

The ultimate reference for black bear hunters everywhere, containing everything you need to know for success regardless of how you plan on hunting. Field judging, shot placement, carcass care included.

Beyond Trauma

By: Victor R. Volkman (editor)

Conversations on Traumatic Incident Reduction

UPPAA Beyond my dreams an immigrant's story.

Beyond My Dreams, An Immigrant's Story

By: Julie Dickerson

Vitalis VanRaemdonck grew up in Belgium poor, hungry and with no hope of being anything else. But his life changed when rumors spread of a way to get to America.

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