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Fayette: A Time to Love

By: Donna Winters

Lavinia Adams takes an instant disliking to the dirty, stinking, furnace town of Fayette. Can Huck Harrigan change her opinion and win her heart?

Fayette: A Time to Leave

By: Donna Winters

Violet Harrigan is rocked by the loss of her father and her home. Can Guy Legard overcome her sadness with his friendship and love?

Fayette: A Time to Laugh

By: Donna Winters

Flora McAdams cares for the town’s injured pets and has no time for romance. Then Sven Jorgensen arrives in Fayette. Can he win her heart?

Favorite Camper (Abby’s Camp Days: Volume 2)

By: Jenifer Brady

Abby’s second summer as a camper turns out to be a week of firsts: First camp crush . . . first camp frenemies . . . first use of the...

Falling for the Tutor (March Sisters Sweet Romance 2)

By: Jenifer Brady

She dreams of wearing a crown. He’s more pauper than prince. Can their love story have a happy ending?

UPPAA Deer hunting 4th edition by richard p smith.

Deer Hunting, 4th Edition

By: Richard P. Smith

One of the most comprehensive books on deer hunting on the market today, containing almost 300 quality color photos. Covers all the bases.

Deathe & Taxes

By: Mark Wolfgang

Still more Yoopernatural thrills and adventure for MSP Trooper Alice Louise Dubose and Ron Blank in the dead-end village of Deathe.

UPPAA Dead of november by craig a brockman.

Dead of November: A Novel of Lake Superior

By: Craig Brockman

Ghosts of those drowned and never recovered are swarming from Lake Superior. But they are not there to haunt the living. They are fleeing something far more sinister.

Creating a Local Historical Book: Fiction and Non-Fiction Genres

By: Tyler Tichelaar

Does Your City or Region Have a Fascinating Story that needs to be told before it’s forgotten?Yes, it does, and you can be the person to write it.

Copper Empire

By: Donna Simons

In 1913, Paul Weyburn and his fellow copper miners have tolerated dangerous working conditions for too long. Some of their workmates are being maimed or killed thousands of feet underground…...

Copper Country Chronicler: The Best of J.W. Nara

By: Deborah K. Frontiera

Experience the past through the artistic camera lens of J. W. Nara, one of the Copper Country’s earliest professional photographers.

UPPAA Compassion, michigan the ironwood stories by raymond luczak.

Compassion, Michigan: The Ironwood Stories

By: Raymond Luczak

Encompassing some 130 years in Ironwood’s history, Compassion, Michigan illuminates characters struggling to adapt to their circumstances starting in the present day, with its subsequent stories rolling back in time...

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