Book Release: Larry Jorgensen

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UPPAA member Larry Jorgensen’s book, Shipwrecked and Rescued, will be released on July 9th. See below for the book’s description and in-person book release event info.

EAGLE HARBOR, MI. -There have been over six-thousand recorded shipwrecks in the history of the Great Lakes, but there was only one like the “City of Bangor”. The wreck provides an amazing tale of rescue and survival after the ship crashed onto a Lake Superior reef east of Copper Harbor in November of 1926.

The story of the rescue of the ship’s crew as well as the cargo of over 240 new cars is being revealed in a new book to be released this summer in Upper Michigan. Titled “Shipwrecked and Rescued Cars and Crew” the book relives the near death challenges faced by the crewmen as they struggled for two days in deep and blowing snow and sub zero temperatures on the isolated northern tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

After the miraculous rescue of the crew what followed was a difficult three month ordeal to safely retrieve all of the cars from the abandoned ice covered wreck and have them returned to the Detroit manufacturer.

Complete with rare photos and personal memories, the book also traces the history one car which remained on the peninsula to be driven over 200,000 miles before finally being featured in an exhibit at the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse Museum.

The museum will be the site for the official book release Saturday, July 9th. The author Larry Jorgensen and historical society maritime chairman Mark Rowe will be present from noon until 4pm. Signed copies of the book will be available with a portion of proceeds from each sale donated to the Keweenaw County Historical Society for their critical role in preserving this unique part of Great Lakes history.

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