UPPAA Launches YouTube Channel for Broader Outreach to Fans of U.P. Literature

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Authors and publishers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula have found a new place to connect with their audience – their own YouTube channel.

The Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association (UPPAA) launched its YouTube channel on the 1st of September to serve as the digital video platform for authors and publishers of the Upper Peninsula (U.P.). In addition, because the videos are accessible to everyone, they will be a valuable resource for teaching English Composition at the high school or college level.

UPPAA YouTube Channel Team

The name behind the UPPAA YouTube channel is Brandy Thomas, of Thomas Editing, Marquette (Michigan), a professionally trained audio/video editor.

“She first suggested that we might build out our stream of informal YouTube recordings into a branded and polished presence,” says Victor R. Volkman, President of UPPAA and Senior Editor at Modern History Press of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Brandy UPPAA YouTube Channel
Brandy Thomas of Thomas Editing (Marquette). Image @ UPPAA

Brandy Thomas provides the editing expertise to turn a raw recording into a watchable and entertaining episode. The show host is Evelyn Gathu, Director of the Crystal Falls District Public Library. It was her initiative that led to the U.P. Notable Books Club, so she played a critical role in launching the UPPAA Channel. Victor Volkman manages public relations, booking guests, and emcees for the non-Book Club presentations. He credits the authors across the country:

We are all grateful for authors around the USA who have responded positively to invitations to appear at the U.P. Notable Book Club.

First Video Series

The UPPAA channel has posted all the recorded episodes of First Season of the U.P. Notable Book Club, a series of 6 videos, each episode typically 60 minutes in length, consisting of a 20 to 30 minute author presentation, followed by a lively Q&A with residents across the U.P. The series comprises the following episodes:

  • S1: E1: UP Notable Book Club Phil Bellfy | Three Fires Unity
  • S1: E2: UP Notable Books Club: James H. McCommons | Camera Hunter
  • S1: E3: UP Notable Books Club: Michael Carrier | Murder on Sugar Island
  • S1: E4: UP Notable Books Club: Ann Dallman | Cady and the Bear Necklace
  • S1: E5: UP Notable Books Club: Mikel Classen | Lake Superior Tales
  • S1: E6: UP Notable Books Club: Susan Purvis | Go Find! My Journey to Find the Lost – and Myself.

Up and Coming on the UPPAA YouTube Channel

The U.P. Notable Book Club is just the first series to drop on the UPPAA Channel. Coming this fall are past online conferences sessions from 2020 and 2021 featuring a wide variety of authors and publishing experts to help guide your writing experience.

UPPAA channel is free to watch and online at http://video.uppaa.org.

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