Karen Dionne launches free-e-reads to provide books during covid19 pandemic

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The idea as I understand it, is for others to provide short-stories or novels that they still own the rights to for people who need reading material during the pandemic.  Obviously you would not be paid any royalties for this.  But it’s an intriguing idea, especially if you have a series and want to give away book #1 for example.  If your book is in print, obviously your publisher would need to sign off on this.  http://free-e-reads.com/

Here’s the spiel from the site:


When author Karen Dionne’s daughter and son-in-law both lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she quickly realized that for those who have suffered an unexpected and catastrophic loss of income, buying books would by necessity fall to the bottom of their priority list–if it remained on the list at all.

And yet being out of work and confined to home makes reading more important than ever.

Karen’s bestselling, award-winning novel The Marsh King’s Daughter is published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons in the U.S. and in dozens of languages around the world. But she has two earlier novels that were written prior to her breakout psychological suspense; science-based thrillers that were once published by a major publisher, but are now out of print.

Karen created this website as a means of making these earlier books available to readers electronically for free. Then she reached out to her author friends and invited them to do the same. Though many of these authors have also lost their jobs and are struggling, the response was overwhelming, and in just a few short weeks, free-e-reads was born.

By making their books available at no cost, these authors hope that their stories will uplift, engage, and otherwise distract you during these unprecedented times. And if you’re one of the fortunate readers who is able to continue to purchase books, here are 6 ways you can help independent bookstores keep their lights on while their doors are closed.

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