“Breaking Free Too: Taking a Flight With a Butterfly Toward Self-Discovery” by Tamara Lauder

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breakingfree2Tamara Lauder is the author and illustrator of a new inspirational book.  Breaking Free Too: Taking a Flight With a Butterfly Toward Self-Discovery is a powerful pictorial book appropriate for anyone struggling to discover their true self. Each page is filled with symbolic artwork, interpretive titles, and accompanying short text that address the journey of life, the influences that affect how we see ourselves and the decisions we make, the obstacles we face throughout life, and the help available to us.
Using the butterfly as an allegory, the author stimulates you to ask and answer difficult questions for yourself, with a goal of helping you unlock your own mystery, break free from what binds you, and find greater fulfillment in life.
The book is available by contacting Tamara Lauder at bike123@frontier.com or 715-358-5687.
Paperback $24.99
ISBN: 978-0-9860829-0-0
Publisher: Turtleye Publishing (2015)
8.5×11 – PB – 64 pages

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