Amazon’s Kindle Scout Program

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Amazon’s Kindle Scout Program

Presentation for Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association
Jim Jackson
30 May 2015

Kindle Scout is American Idol meets Amazon. It opened its doors at the end of October 2014. Readers are able to “nominate” preselected titles.
Kindle Press (a new Amazon imprint) offers a contract with $1,500 advance on royalties for Kindle ebook and Audible audio book. Print rights stay with author. Offer is based in part on reader nominations during a 30-day period while your book is eligible.
Fiction Only, specifically Romance, Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense, Science fiction &Fantasy, Literature and Fiction (added 3/2015 and includes contemporary fiction, action and adventure, and historical fiction)
Readers who nominate a successful book receive a free ebook of their nomination
Turnaround time between submission and contract is less than 45 days
Publication between six weeks and three months after selection.
Read Jim Jackson’s complete presentation as a PDF file
2015-05-30 Kindle Scout for UPPAA

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