Register for 1st Annual Eastern Upper Peninsula Book Fest

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Gretchen Preston forwarded me the following information about an upcoming book fest in the Sault.
If you have questions, contact Beverly McBride.  Following is her email and the registration form has been pasted into the message below so you can copy and print it. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to this event.
Tyler Tichelaar
Hello! We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the 1st Annual Eastern Upper Peninsula Book Fest, scheduled for Saturday, September 20, 2014, 9am-3pm, sponsored by Creative Endeavors, the arts support group that meets at Bayliss Library in the Sault. We want to feature EUP published authors, illustrators, publishers. We will have a table space for each author, and also schedule reading times for those who wish to read selections from their work for the public. Cost of the booth is $10. That money will be used for signs, flyers, site maps and other surprises we might wrench from it. If you wish to share a table with another writer, please let us know. The other particulars are listed on the first page of the attached registration form. Please note if you want to reserve a box lunch, the procedure is outlined on the registration information, and will be revisited the day of the event.
This idea is a long time coming. We think it will be unique local pilot event, and the entire group is working hard to make this a good experience for all. We are looking at this event as a wonderful time to share and promote your work, and to meet people interested in books and local authors. Please review the attached registration, fill it out, copy and return to me, no later than September 7, first come first served, for both booths and reading slots. I will be taking the registrations via e-mail or you may leave a hard copy for me at Bayliss Library. If you feel the need to speak to a real person about all this, call me at 941 713-2616. If you see another author who should be at the event, please let them know, and encourage them to contact us.
bannerbaylissI hope to see you there! Thank you for considering participating!
Beverly McBride
PS. Feel free to join with us at any time at Creative Endeavors. Our next meeting is scheduled for Aug 12, 12 noon at Bayliss.
Registration Information
Creative Endeavors’ 1st Annual EUP Book Fest
9am-3pm September 20, 2014 Faith Lutheran Church Hall 1600 Park St., Sault
Thank you for your interest in participating in the Creative Endeavors’ First Annual EUP Book Fest!! Please complete the registration form below to ensure your space in the Book Fest.
1) Cost is $10 per entrant. Tables are assigned first come, first served basis. A table and 2 chairs is included. There will be no electrical connection available for your table. Set up of tables and chairs before and take down is included.
2) Please bring your own table cover. Feel free to decorate your table.
3) We will provide some uniform signage and bottled water for your convenience.
4) You may order a catered box lunch to be delivered to your booth at a cost of $8 per box. Sign up for the number of box lunches you need; may be increased first thing the day of the event, so check with the Creative Endeavors table.
5) Press releases, marketing, flyers and maps of the event will be being generated. Please send materials ahead of time to be included, no later than September 7. Please send into if you are reading.
6) You may sell your books or book related items at your table. No crafts please. Please bring your own change, bags, etc. Don’t forget your pen for signing!
7) We will have 11 slots for 15 minute readings. First Come, First Served, if you indicate below, you will be assigned a time slot. There will be minimal seating around a reading area. You will be introduced and may begin your reading and answer audience questions. There may be some entertainment scheduled between readings, so please keep to the 15 minutes allotted. Thank you.
8) Please do not leave or pack-up before 3pm. Plan to arrive before 9 to set up and to have your booth manned the entire Book Fest. Doors open for Fare goers at 9 AM.
9) There will be an information table (Creative Endeavors) who will assist if you or Fest goers have questions or needs during the Fest.
10) Please feel free to look around and get to know other published authors/artists participating in the Book Fest. Please look into joining Creative Endeavors writers/artists group.

Creative Endeavors’ 1st Annual EUP Book Fest

9-3 September 20 Faith Lutheran Church Hall 1600 Park St., Sault


Yes! I wish to participate in this first ever EUP Book Fest Event!
Mailing Address:
Phone # or Cell:
At your assigned table: I will be selling my book(s) ___yes ___no ___other______________________
I would like to sign up for a 15 minute author reading: ___yes ___no
I would like to request a box lunch(es) at $8 each:__yes__no___# of lunches___total due that day (cash)
I will be forwarding additional information for pre-Fest marketing ___yes ___no (Due before Sept 7)
For more information or questions, please contact
Please send completed form to
Thank you, See you at the Fest!!

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