Announcing Copper Empire: A new novel by Donna Searight Simons

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Copper Empire A Novel about the Copper Country Labor Strike in 1913

Copper Empire

Copper Empire is a book of historical fiction written by Donna Searight Simons. Paul Weyburn and his fellow copper miners have tolerated dangerous working conditions for too long in Red Jacket, Michigan.  Some of their workmates are being maimed or killed thousands of feet underground. . .which one of them will be next?  Paul leads some of the miners on a labor strike to bring attention to the dangers of blasting and drilling copper for low pay.  Marie, his wife, struggles to raise their four children and maintain their boarding home during the crisis.  Will the miners remain unified as the strike continues into the brutal weather and with money scarce?  The Weyburn’s eldest daughter, Nancy, moves to Detroit for employment in order to help the family with expenses.  Will the Weyburns lose their home, and will their daughter stay permanently in Detroit?  To make matters even worse, on Christmas Eve, an unthinkable tragedy will change Michigan’s Copper Country forever.
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