Cathy Stucker – Author Blogging – Tips on Why and How

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On February 16th, 2012 Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman spoke with author and marketing guru Cathy Stuckeron the basics of effective blogging AND promoting your blog.  Best known as the Idea Lady, Cathy Stucker helps authors, entrepreneurs and professionals attract customers and make themselves famous with techniques that make marketing easy, inexpensive and even fun.  We covered a myriad of topics, including:

  • Does blogging really sell books?
  • What is the best way to set up a blog?
  • What should authors blog about?
  • What about fiction authors?
  • How do you find the time to write for a blog without neglecting your “real” writing?
  • How personal should a blog be?
  • How do you handle blogging if you write in multiple genres or under more than one name?
  • How can authors attract readers to their blogs?
Cathy Stucker

Cathy Stucker

Cathy is the author of several books, and she has appeared on television and radio programs from coast to coast. Cathy has been featured in articles in Woman’s Day, Black Enterprise, the New York Times and the Associated Press, among others.Cathy is also the founder of, a site about all aspects of writing, publishing and marketing books. You will get free tips and advice about publishing, as well as an audio program about building your author platform, when you sign up for Cathy’s free newsletter at  Make Things Happen: Six Simple Steps to Getting Whatever You Want
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