UPPAA YouTube Channel Launched for U.P. Authors

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This month, the authors and publishers of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.) found a new platform for sharing their work and connecting with their audience – the YouTube channel of the Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association (UPPAA). Launched on the 1st of September, the UPPAA YouTube Channel may also be used as a valuable resource for teaching composition in schools.

As reported on NewsBlaze, the first series of videos posted to the UPPAA YouTube Channel comprises all the recorded episodes of First Season of the U.P. Notable Book Club. Here, UPPAA President and publisher at the Loving Healing Press, Victor R. Volkman tells about the channel, its team, and the value of this initiative.

Whose idea and/or decision was it to launch a YouTube channel for UPPAA? When did the idea occur and when exactly was the channel launched?

Brandy Thomas, a professionally trained audio/video editor first suggested that we might build out our stream of informal YouTube recordings into a branded and polished presence. The UPPAA Board immediately ratified the suggestion and I coordinated the gathering of past recorded materials.

Aside from author interviews via U.P. Notable Books List, what kind of videos can viewers expect to see on the UPPAA YouTube channel in the coming days?

We are quickly preparing the conference proceedings from our 2020 and 2021 UPPAA Conferences. Because the pandemic forced us to have the conference online for the very first time, we have highly informative and engaging presentations on writing topics such as “Writing and Researching Historical Fiction and Non-Fiction” with Tyler Tichelaar and “Describing Your World—Maximizing the Role of Setting” with Deborah Frontiera

Do you see potential for good educational use of this channel by involving community and students to learn about UP history and literature?

Definitely!  Because the videos are accessible to everyone, they will be a valuable resource for teaching English Composition at the high school or college level. I should add that because of the extreme geographical isolation of some parts of the U.P., these videos bring literature and literary life to people who might otherwise never get the chance to participate. The U.P. has a unique cultural legacy that is often difficult for researchers to nail down and this will be a great resource for them too.

Tell us a bit about the tech team that makes these videos possible.

Brandy Thomas (Thomas Editing, Marquette Michigan) provides the editing expertise to turn a raw recording into a watchable and entertaining episode. Our host is Evelyn Gathu, Director of the Crystal Falls District Public Library. It was her initiative that led to the U.P. Notable Books Club, so her role in the UPPAA YouTube Channel was critical. I manage public relations, booking guests, and emcees for the non-Book Club presentations. We are all grateful for authors around the USA who have responded positively to invitations to appear at the U.P. Notable Book Club.

Is YouTube the only medium the UPPAA means to use for sharing the videos or do you plan to use other video-sharing websites as well to reach a broader audience.

YouTube is the world’s most accessible video streaming outlets available on everything from smartphones to smart TVs to streaming boxes like Roku and of course your old-fashioned web-browser. As such, we are confident that we will maximize our audience exclusively on YouTube for the foreseeable future.

UPPAA channel is free to watch and online at http://video.uppaa.org.

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