Introducing: UP Book Review!

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U.P. Book Review is a new service of Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association (UPPAA).   The purpose of U.P. Book Review is to provide an alternate source of book reviews for UP authors.

There’s no fees whatsoever to submit your book to U.P. Book Review.  Although we can’t absolutely guarantee a review, we have a cadre of four experienced reviewers who between them are interested in all age groups including children, middle-grade (5-8) readers, young adult, and adult literature.  Genres of interest include romance, historical fiction, personal memoir, science fiction, humor, hunting/fishing, winter sports, mysteries, and thrillers just to name a few.

There is no subject matter requirement: your books do not have to be set in the U.P. to qualify.  As long as the author has a significant connection, such as he/she was born in the U.P., grew up in the U.P.,  or is a former U.P. resident, you will qualify regardless of subject matter.

Books reviewed by U.P. Book Review are automatically eligible for consideration in the annual U.P. Notable Books Award. The U.P. Notable books are a selection of 10 books which represent a cross-section of new books which are reflective of U.P. writers as well as others who have written about the U.P.

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