Authors at U.P. Author Day 2014

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MARQUETTE — The second-annual U.P. Author’s Day Book Fair was held at the Westwood Mall on Saturday October 4, 2014.
Nearly 20 authors who either live in the U.P. or write about the U.P. were in attendance to showcase their works. Shoppers had the chance to get out of the rain and walk from table to table in the mall to check out the author’s books and other projects. One author from Marquette, Richard P. Smith, has published 26 books and two documentaries nationally. His works are primarily about hunting and wildlife

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  1. I thank all of those who’s work and dedication made this event such a success. I especially want to thank Tyler and the many others who have made the UPPAA become something notable. It is their work and dedication that benefits not only we writers but readers alike in many wonderful ways.

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