2013 Conference attendee survey

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Please help the UPPAA Board plan future conferences, even if you have never yet attended a conference, we want your feedback.
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  1. The spring conference was very well-planned and had a lot of variety. Main suggestion: Ask for pitchers of water….Library often has them for events and movies. We really should avoid supporting the plastic and water-withdrawal represented by all those water bottles. Thanks.

  2. I don’t think the survey questions allow us to say that I am still in favor of a fall meeting, perhaps with one speaker, or a time of reading manuscripts like we have in the past. We don’t have to have seminars all day, especially with two choices going on at the same time. I know the tables were all set when we got there, and there was supposed to have been enough chairs, but I think we should go back to rows so that people don’t feel “on the fringe” literally. Also, rows of chairs allows you to talk forward or back and not just left or right.

  3. I would like significant time to be allowed for networking, even if an entire session was devoted to interacting.

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