UPPAA Speakers Bureau

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Our UPPAA Speakers Bureau committee has been formed with Gretchen Preston as the Chair.  Gretchen is a longtime board member, currently serving as Vice-President, and she has a passion for encouraging and developing speakers. The co-chair is veteran author and editor Mikel Classen, who helms the U.P. Reader.  Victor Volkman, UPPAA President, will consult.


Our scheduled roster at NMU Olson Library is as follows:

  • Anne Miller, October 1  2019  “My Twenty-Year Self-Publishing Odyssey – Lessons for Aspiring Authors”
  • Tyler Tichelaar, November 7th, 2019  “Getting Started Researching and Writing Your Local Historical
    Book (Fiction or Nonfiction)”
  • Carrie Pearson, February 4th, 2020  “The Story of a Children’s Book: From Idea to Published Book and
    Surprises Along the Way”
  • Deborah K. Frontiera, April 7th 2020  “Building your Own World – Lessons from a YA Fantasy Series”


There are still additional opportunities with NMU Olson Library during the academic school year
(September to May). These events will be free of charge for the general public to attend. Each event
will feature a single speaker (or panel) talking about some aspect of writing or publishing. Talks will
be between 45 and 90 minutes on a weekday evening, with a Q&A to follow presentations. The
speaking gig itself is not compensated, but the author has the opportunity to sell books immediately
following his or her presentation.

Topics of interest might be: researching local history (newspapers, archives); aspects of producing a
children’s book; anything related to plot, story, character development, world building, etc; aspects of
self-publishing and navigating that journey. Anything you might have ever seen at a UPPAA event is a

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