Past Keynote speakers at UPPAA Spring Conference

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The UPPAA Board works hard to bring you local heroes as well as nationally-known writers and experts on the publishing industry.  Here’s a look back at some of our previous guests.







Year Speaker Topics
2007 Patrick Snow
2008 Jerry Simmons
2009 Dan Poynter
(1938 – 2015)
2010 none
2011 Irene Watson
(1946 – 2012)
(How to) Identify Your Audience for Success
2012 Ellen Airgood My journey from writer to published author with one of the biggest book publisher’s in the business
2013 Victor Volkman Ebooks beyond Amazon 
Book distribution 
2014-2015 none  
2016 Judith Briles Creating Confidence as a Writer and Author
Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins Authors Commit in Book Publishing Today
If Publishing Is in Your Midst…What Option Is for You and Your Book
2017 Sue Harrison The Art of Asking: Approaching Agents and Publishers
2018 Steve Lehto From Un-agented Queries to a Dozen Books with Five Different Publishers
2019 Karen Dionne What I Learned from Writing My Breakout Book
2020 Carolyn Howard-Jones Inspiration For Procrastinators (on book marketing)
2021 none  
2022 Linda LeGarde Grover Reflections on Writing from History and Heart: Inde’ Ozhibii’ige Dibaajimowin
2023 Marty Achatz U.P. Poet Laureate, author of Chasing Bigfoot

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