2021 Conference Presentations

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This page contains links to all of the UPPAA 2021 Virtual Conference Presentations. Under each bullet you’ll be able to watch the YouTube videos as well as read copies of the Speaker’s Notes in PDF or PowerPoint formats.

From Pondering to Publishing with Craig Brockman

Craig Brockman, author
of Dead of November

How does pondering make it all the way to publishing? Every one follows a different path. Whether you’ve been flailing away at a children’s book, a book of poetry or an unfinished novel we will discuss some tools that may help you find your unique track and carry it over the finish line. Craig will be sharing the the track he took when releasing Dead of November:A Novel of Lake Superior in 2020.

CRAIG A. BROCKMAN  lived in the U.P. for nearly 20 years while employed by the Indian Health Service, Lake Superior State University and other facilities. In 2017, an article in the Ontonagon Herald chronicled the final 140-mile leg of his meandering 450-mile hike along the shores of Lake Superior, covering every step of the U.P. from the Drummond Island Ferry Dock in DeTour Village all the way to a sandbar at the mouth of the Montreal River on the Wisconsin border.  Craig currently lives with his wife in Tecumseh, Michigan. In 2007, he also published Marty and the Far Woodchuck, a middle grade novel. You can visit craigabrockman.com for more information or contact craig@craigabrockman.com.

Describing Your World—Maximizing the Role of Setting with Deborah Frontiera

No matter what you write, fiction or nonfiction, it happens somewhere. Your readers need to know about that “somewhere” in an interesting way as it’s needed—not too much, which ends up in boring description, and not so little that readers don’t know where they are or when in history you’ve put them. Award-winning author, Deborah K. Frontiera, has published works in many times, places and genres. Her experiences may help you with your own settings.  Topics include

  • Inventing entire fantasy worlds
  • Research issues for historical pieces
  • Points to ponder for contemporary settings
  • How much and how little to include
  • Some of the more interesting experiences she’s had with her settings

Proofreading and Editing for Authors with Brandy Thomas

What exactly does an editor do? What is the difference between a copyeditor, a proofreader, and a developmental editor? Brandy Thomas will be getting into the nuts and bolts of what an editor does and why every writer needs one. Not only will she explain the differences between types of editors, but also what to look for when selecting one and what is involved in the editing process.

BRANDY THOMAS  is a freelance editor who lives and works in Marquette, MI. She edits across the publishing spectrum but specializes in adult science fiction and fantasy as well as children’s books. In addition to editing the written word, she is also an audiobook narrator and editor. For more information about Brandy please visit www.ThomasEditing.com

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