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UPPAA member Jenifer Brady writes:

Jenifer Brady

Jenifer Brady

Having other writers to commiserate with and bounce ideas off of has been invaluable to my growth as a writer, and UPPAA is full of kind-hearted people with both experience and ingenuity who are always willing to give advice and/or encouragement and go the extra mile to help a fellow writer out. Even if I hadn’t sold any books at that show, discovering this group would have been well worth the time and money I spent (plus, hearing about the finer points of lightbulbs over and over and over was fascinating as well . . . okay, not).

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  1. I so liked Jennifer’s account of putting her toes — all right, both her feet — into the book fair/show/signing world. Although it may look like other UPPAA authors/publishers have had it all together from the beginning, let us, for one, assure you that it isn’t so.
    We well remember one HOT August afternoon at the former Charing Cross, eh? bookstore in Munising when not one even slightly interested/curious soul came back where we were (trying to) smile and offer our UP books for sale. And outdoor shows??? We do pretty well at some, not so well at others…but have collected many, many funny, and not so funny, stories of questions, potential customers, windstorms, rain events, but also good connections with other vendors and good meetings with fairgoers.
    Sounds like you have it on track….keep on keeping on!

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