Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Opens Minds with New Humor Book

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PADMAN: A Dad's Guide to Buying... Those Things and other tales

PADMAN: A Dad's Guide to Buying... Those Things and other tales

Contrary to the old adage, laughter cannot heal all wounds. However, it can temporarily relieve virtually any amount of stress. UPPAA author, Mark E. Elswick, the survivor of a traumatic brain injury, proved his doctors wrong when they said he would be a vegetable. Not only did he survive but he has gone on to write both seriously and humorously about his life. In his new eBook, Padman: A Dad’s Guide to Buying…Those and other tales, Elswick combines a lot of humor with a glimpse into the world of traumatic brain injury survivors.

Padman: A Dad’s Guide to Buying…Those + Other Dad Tales contains ten stories. Elswick keeps it light with seven comical stories, mostly centering on fatherhood and how men think differently from women, but interspersed among the humor are two TBI-focused stories and an account of a touching visit inside a chemotherapy institute. Heartfelt, memorable, and funny, Padman is a book to laugh over while Elswick’s survival story also will inspire.

“Padman should be a mandatory read for all newlyweds and new fathers… LOL funny…”

— Sherry Cooke,

With TBI issues being a growing concern in America, the problem is about to explode to epic proportions. The Brain Injury Association of American (BIAA) reports that 1.7 million Americans receive a TBI each year, and 3.17 million people already live with a permanent disability as a result of a TBI. Medical care and lost wages associated with the injury account for $60 billion every year. On 2/23/11, the Deseret News reported that “up to 20% of servicemen and women will incur a type of TBI.” With such staggering numbers in the near future, Padman, the precursor to Elswick’s 2012 release, Traumatic Brain Injury: Milestones in Recovery, will see 15% of its proceeds donated to the Brain Injury Association of America.

“His aim is true; he hits the mark… edutaining… I like Mark Elswick’s  book a lot.”

— Joseph Yurt, reader views

Padman: A Dad’s Guide to Buying… Those + Other Dad Tales, is available immediately for Amazon Kindle eReader platform and Barnes & Noble NOOK platform (eISBN 978-1-61599-902-6) and will appear in print from Modern History Press in October 2011. Latest updates at

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