UPPAA @ Tall Ships Weekend in Marquette Michigan

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It was a beautiful day in Marquette Michigan for the Tall Ships event. UPPAA authors were out in force introducing the public to historical and regional fact and fiction books by UP authors.  Thanks to Tyler R. Tichelaar for organizing the event and authors for the day.
UPPAA attendees included Donna Winters, author of Great Lakes Romances (our new treasurer), Fred Winters, her husband, Milly Balzarini, author of  The Lost Road Home about veterans and PTSD, and Gretchen Preston, author of Valley Cats.

Donna Winters(seated), unknown, Fred Winters, and Milly Balzarini

Milly Balzarini and Gretchen Preston

Tyler R. Tichelaar (right) and some fans holding the first three books from the Marquette Trilogy


  1. Nice coverage of the event!

  2. You’re welcome, Donna. Of course all credit goes to Tyler for organizing the event and emailing me the pictures with all the details filled in.

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