Irene Watson – Keynote speaker for 2011 conference

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Author and marketing expert Irene Watson will be our keynote speaker

Identify Your Audience

The most important issue for authors is making sure they sell a ton of books.  However, there are certain things authors have to know about their audience to truly relate to them, so that they will buy the book/s.

In this workshop you will learn the demographics of your potential readers and how to identify what drives them to satisfy their needs, wants and values. You will also learn the buying process and communication needs of your target market.

Irene Watson, author of award winning The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference (Ann Arbor, Michigan: Loving Healing Press, 2009,) was born and raised in a tiny hamlet of Reno in the northern area of the province of Alberta in Canada. It was a farming community, mostly settled by immigrants from Russia, Ukraine and Poland during the early 1900s. She received her Master’s Degree in Psychology, with honors,  from Regis University, Denver. Irene and her husband, Robert,  live in Austin, Texas.
She is also author/editor of The Story That Must be Told: True Tales of Transformation, and, Authors Access: 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers and is in the process of co-authoring another book, Rewriting Life Scripts: Transformational Recovery for Families as well as having a chapter in The ART of Grandparenting.
Irene is the president of Higher Power Foundation, Inc. and facilitator of transformative women’s retreats and workshops through Rewriting Life Scripts. Irene’s background includes entrepreneurship as well as counselor with an Employee Assistance Program and a Psychosynthsis Therapist. She brings 40 years of life changing experiences, facilitation and study into her hands-on programs.  Irene is also the Managing Editor of Reader Views, a book review and author publicity service as well as her own private author coaching site Book Marketing Connections.

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