Then and now – New book examines Marquette’s history

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My Marquette

My Marquette

Then and now

New book examines Marquette’s history

November 14, 2010 – By CHRISTOPHER DIEM Journal Staff Writer
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MARQUETTE – How many people can walk through Marquette and see their ancestors in the architecture?
Tyler Tichelaar, a seventh-generation Marquette native, is one of those people. His grandfather helped build the U.S. Federal Building and his grandparents were engaged at the Marquette Opera House located where the Masonic Center is now.
Tichelaar can trace his ancestry back to Basil Bishop, who arrived in Marquette in 1850. That connection to Marquette inspired Tichelaar to write a series of historical novels about Marquette featuring both real and fictional people and events.
In his new book, “My Marquette,” Tichelaar sticks with the real stories of the people and places in the city.
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