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The Great Seney Fire-A History of the Walsh Ditch Fire of 1976

By Greg Lusk

The fire began with a lightning strike that started a unique set of events in motion, resulting in the most destructive and costly fire in Michigan since 1908. You will

World War II Conscientious Objectors: Germfask, Michigan the Alcatraz Camp

By Jane Kopecky

A small group of World War II political dissidents reveal how they survived what they called America’s Siberia Concentration Camp. Before the Vietnam War Americans considered conscientious objectors equal to

Picturing Fayette, a Nineteenth-Century Company Town

By Fred & Donna Winters

More than 50 full color photos of Fayette Historic Townsite offer readers a step back in time to a nineteenth century company town. 

My Marquette: Explore the Queen City of the North

By Tyler Tichelaar

My Marquette is the result of its author’s lifelong love affair with his hometown. Join Tyler R. Tichelaar, seventh generation Marquette resident and author of The Marquette Trilogy, as he

Beyond My Dreams, An Immigrant’s Story

By Julie Dickerson

Vitalis VanRaemdonck grew up in Belgium poor, hungry and with no hope of being anything else. But his life changed when rumors spread of a way to get to America.

150th Jubilee St. Joseph Church: Lake Linden MI 1871-2021

By Deborah K. Frontiera

Since 1871, Roman Catholics of Lake Linden, Hubbell, Tamarack, and the surrounding rural areas have worshiped at St. Joseph Church. While the founding group of families were mostly French-Canadian, the
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