UPPAA A Yooper's tale by robert williams.

A Yooper's Tale: Death by Wendigo

By: Robert Hugh Williams

Robert Hugh Williams, a Second Ranger Battalion veteran and avid outdoorsman, has completed his new book “A Yooper's Tale: Death by Wendigo”: a captivating story of a band of friends...

UPPAA North of nelson, volume 1.

North of Nelson, Volume I; Stories of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

By: Hilton Everett Moore

Six gripping short stories set in the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan will hold the reader spellbound as the various protagonists live, and sometimes perish, in this often...

UPPAA The cover of up reader.

U.P. Reader -- Volume #7

By: Deborah K. Frontiera (editor), Mikel Classen (editor)

7th Edition of the UPPAA anthology includes more than sixty poems, short stories, and autobiographical pieces.

UPPAA Unexpected love on christmas eve by emily cole.

Unexpected Love on Christmas Eve: A Second Chance Romance

By: Emorie Cole

Can a cozy cabin at Christmastime and a little holiday magic reignite the affection for one another and bring two ex-lovers back together? Will passions erupt and make this a...

UPPAA The home wind by tori martin.

The Home Wind

By: Terri Martin

The Home Wind is a middle-grade (ages 9 and up) children's novel set in an Upper Michigan Logging camp in the 1870s. The book is told from the point of...

More Than You Think You Know

More Than You Think You Know

By: Cyndi Perkins

Crashes, hot flashes, and more than one man overboard in an edgy page-turner with a nautical spine by a sailor and journalist who’s been there, done that.

UPPAA Midnight carriage kiss by emily cole.

Midnight Carriage Kiss: Wilkins Harbor Book 3

By: Emorie Cole

Samantha Ashford fell in love with Christian d’Angelo as a teenager, but he broke her heart when he sailed away from Wilkins Harbor on his parents’ yacht and never returned....

UPPAA Love at the inn by emily cole.

Love at the Inn: Wilkins Harbor Book 1

By: Emorie Cole

Gabby Daniels is running to escape from her dangerous ex boyfriend. She decides to make a fresh start in a remote town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan called Wilkins...

High on the Vine , Featuring Yooper Entrepreneurs Tami & Evi Maki

High on the Vine, Featuring Yooper Entrepreneurs Tami & Evi Maki

By: Terri Martin

This series of short stories feature thrice-removed cousins, Tami & Evi Maki, who often contemplate how their lives would be vastly different (certainly better), if only they did not bear...

UPPAA The cover of accidental love by emily cole.

By: Emorie Cole

Alyssa Sinclaire is a successful, independent woman living in the small town of Wilkins Harbor in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Alyssa loves spending time with Eric, and she can’t...

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